InfrafrontierGR/Phenotypos 2nd Call for Proposals for mouse model development

The InfrafrontierGR/Phenotypos Research infrastructure is pleased to announce the 2nd Call for Proposals for a mouse model development service offered FREE of charge to one (1) selected research project.

The access unit offered covers the production of a minimum of a single heterozygous mouse line, carrying the gene alteration of choice.The model development service will be run by the BSRC Fleming Transgenics Facility and may involve one of the three main mouse transgenic technologies: CRISPR/Cas9, Blastocysts injection, DNA microinjection.

The main objective of this Call is to deliver free-of-charge, one novel mouse model of human disease to the biomedical research community (academic and non-academic) based in Greece. The novel mouse line should advance knowledge of human disease and should be of widespread use in biomedical science. Recent advances in genome editing technology will be used to develop the new mouse model. Access to this free-of-charge-service will be granted mainly on the basis of the applicant’s research plans and the potential impact of the proposed novel mouse line on the wider biomedical research community.

Deadline for Applications: August 10th, 2020

For more information on the Call and to download the Full Call Announcement, please visit: