Post-doc position Phylogenomics- Univ. St. Andrews, Scotland

We have a research opportunity open at the University of St Andrews’ Centre for Biological Diversity Biodiversity (CBD), School of Biology working in the research team of Carolin Kosiol.

We are seeking a motivated and creative postdoctoral researcher for a project “PoMoSelect: Disentangling modes of selection” funded by the BBSRC. Recent sequencing of genomes of closely related species and of many individuals from the same species enables the study of speciation and the inference of the history of populations. Standard phylogenetic methods reduce entire populations to single points in genotypic space by modelling evolution as a process in which a single gene mutates along the branches of a phylogeny. The Kosiol group has developed new approaches, called polymorphism-aware phylogenetic models (PoMo, Borges et al., Genetics 2019, Schrempf et al., JTB 2016, DeMaio et al., Syst Biol 2015) for species tree estimation. We envisage developing new theory and software to tackle the problem of balancing selection.

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